Khmer Date Utility: Acient Way of Counting Age

Find animal year from your age:

The 12 orange dots are the different positions used in this method. The animal years are positioned for the year of Roka (2005). This varies from year to year. The current animal year starts at brown arrow (second knuckle of your pointing finger) and counts clockwise to the successive years. The green flower star is where you start if the age is at least 10 years old or else start at the blue star marked as 1 going counter clockwise.

  1. Start counting from the tip of the pointing finger (green flower star) clockwise every second position. You count just the multiple of ten such as 10, 20, 30, and 40 until it reaches the ten digit of a specific age. As an example, for 35, I would count 10, 20, and then 30.
  2. If the age is a multiple of ten, that was your final position. Or else continue from the current position by counting backward (counter clockwise) one position at a time until it reaches a specific age. So for the 35, from my early position, I count counter clockwise 31, 32, 33, 34, and then 35 arriving at the dot marked 11 Jor.
  3. The last step is to determine what animal belongs to that final position. Start counting the current year animal at the brown arrow *. Count clockwise until it reaches your final position. That is the birth animal year for that age.
*Notes: This method has been modified. The original method is to start positioning the year at the blue star (lowest point of your pointing finger). But this missed by one year; so to make it works I move the start position up to the brown arrow.

Find your age from the animal year:























This assumes that you have some idea of how old you are in a range of 10 years. Use the table on the right to determine how many count to use for a specific age.

  1. Use your multiple of ten of your age to determine the count. Example, for the age around 30, the count is 6.
  2. Start from your animal year and count to the successive animal year for the number of time found in step 1. Example, assume I was born on the year of Dog (Jor) and I am around 30. So I would count 6 times as Kaor, Jute, Chlov, Karl, Thos, and Rorng. Notice I didn't count Jor as 1 but count Koar, the next year instead.
  3. Now use your finger to keep track of the count, and continue until you reach the current year. The final count is added to your multiple of ten of your age. Example: Continue from step 2, I would count, Masagn as 1, Momee as 2, Momay as 3, Voke as 4, and Roka as 5. If the current year is Roka, then I stop here. There so I am 30 + 5 or 35 years old.

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