Scholarship for Khmer High School Students

Scholarship for Khmer High School Students

The Cambodian Coordinating Council (Cam-CC) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1999, dedicated to promoting the welfare and interest of the Cambodian community through public activities, community projects, and cultural events. Cam-CC also encourages academic and educational enrichment among Cambodian youth.

Scholarship 2009

The organization did not offer a direct scholarship for 2009. But instead support the 2009 Southeast Asian Scholarships, awarded by the Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund.

Thirty graduating seniors from the Long Beach high schools were selected. There are ten Named Scholarships of $2000 each, ten scholarships of $1000 each, and another ten scholarships of $500 each. The winners and their high schools are:

  1. $2000 (Named Scholarships): Dominic Nguyen (Poly), Solene Kong (Poly), Molica Sim (Millikan), Jinnifer Som (Poly), Alexander Chhun (Poly), Freda Eang (Lakewood), Ratha Horn (Poly), Wanda Kao (Millikan), Chimchanbo Uk (Wilson), Stephen Soung (Poly).
  2. $1000 Scholarships: Monica Ti (Jordan), Amanda Sea (Poly), April Hul (Poly), Sandy Nou (Wilson ), Peter Song (Wilson), Ramy Leang (Poly), Lisa Khiev (Poly), Monica Meas (Lakewood), Linda Moy (Poly).
  3. $500 Scholarships: Danou Nuon (Jordan), Taylor Ngan (Lakewood), Neda Chhim (Poly), Ada Vongchantha (Poly), Alyn Chan (Poly), Darin Im (Poly), David Khim (Lakewood), Sovanmakara Ear (Poly), Mary Savady (Wilson), Bee Thao (Millikan), Christine Ung (Poly).

Scholarship 2008

The organization will offer two financial scholarship opportunities for graduating high school students who are attending college in the fall 2008 term.


• Applicant must be of Cambodian decent/ ethnicity
• High School Senior graduating in Spring 2008
• Have demonstrated a measurable level of involvement and service to the Cambodian community
• Will be attending a college or university in the Fall 2008 term
• Must obtain a minimum 3.0 GPA


• Complete and submit scholarship application by: July 31, 2008 (Deadline has been extended)
Students can submit forms to: or Fax: 562-218-8082
Mail to: Attn: Cam-cc Scholarship
1050 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90806
• Include a copy of student’s current High School Transcript
• 1 page Essay Question (see 2nd page of application)

****Scholarship Recipients will be selected by the Cam-CC Scholarship committee based on the student’s qualifications, academic record, personal statement, and community involvement****

Winners will be notified via phone. Award will be presented at the Cam-CC Board of Directors Meeting. Date: TBA
For additional information, please contact Cam-cc Scholarship Coordinator:

Lina Heng
(562) 234-3088
Scholarship Winners 2007 with Cam-CC President

Scholarship 2007

The two winners for Khmer High School Students 2007:

  1. Cheng Ly: graduated from Wilson High School with valedictorian and he is attending UCLA.
  2. Saly Heng: graduated from Paramount High School with saluatitorian. He is attending UCLA.