Moha Songkran Picture

Moha Songkran Booklet Cover for 2007

During the New Year, different publications (i.e. newspapers and magazines) wish their readers the New Year blessing, usually accompanied by an image depicting the coming New Year's angel and her attributes.

Mr. Borin Im (លោក អិម បូរិន), a Khmer expert on Moha Songkran, published the Moha Songkran books describing vivid details of the New Year customs and beliefs. Each New Year depicts an angel in a procession carrying Kobel Mohaprum's head. The scene also gives details of the objects in her hands and the animal upon which she rides. As for the animal of the year, it is depicted with a giant riding upon it.

For the year of 2002, the Moha Songkran picture showed that the New Year angel rode on a garuda since 2002 songkran falls on Sunday. The angel holds a disc of power in her right hand and a shell in her left. Since it was the year of the horse, a horse is depicted prominently in the scene.

For the year 2006, the New Year fell on Friday, thus the angel Kemira Tevy wears a violet flower tucked behind her ear. She wears precious gems and carries a sword in her right and a mandolin in her left. The image depicts Kemira riding the water buffalo while a giant rides on the dog which is the animal of the year. The New Year angel leads the procession with one trillion other angels to Mount Someru as described in the Songkran Sote folklore.

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