Donderm Sluk Chaue ( )

This game is similar to stealing the bacon but in this case players are to compete for a piece of tree branch. You can use a tree branch of about one foot long but it can also be a scarf used for other games such as Chhoung.


There is one referee who will host the game. The players are divided into two equal teams, usually boys against girls, but the teams can be mixed as well.

Each team will stay about 30 feet apart by line markers. In the center, half way point between each team, the referee will draw a circle as a marker to place the tree branch.

Each team will assign a number to its players from 1 to the total number in the team. The team can choose to stand in order of the number or can be in any order.

The game begins by the referee calling a number from 1 to the max number of player in a team. The player of that number from each team will run to the center and try to grab the tree branch. The players are typically on the opposite side of the circle from each other to protect the tree branch and to easily tag the other player who chooses to grab it.


The player with the number called, will try to grab the tree branch and run back to the team line marker without being tagged by the other team. While the player is holding the tree branch, the other player can tag this player.

The player who grabs the tree branch can release the branch before getting tag and be safe from tagging. This rule can vary. But the player cannot throw the branch to another location except to drop it. Each player can pick up the tree branch at any time.

The referee may choose to call more players to help by calling other numbers. The popular rule is that the player can only tag the other player of the same number. This can create confusion and requires coordination. The referee may choose to call everyone to help.

When a player gets tagged or a player successfully steals the branch to the team marker, the round is over. A point is given to the team who successfully steals the branch or the team that tags the other team. The referee then announces the score before starting again by placing the tree branch back in the center marker.

The game is over when is a certain agreed score is reached. Then the loosing team will be penalized as agreed upon.


The typical penalty is for each player of the loosing team to give a piggy back ride for another player in the winning team. Another penalty is Jours where the players of the loosing team line up and put the hand forward in an open palm. Each player of the other team then pats the palms of all loosing team players.

A trick to this game is that the referee may call the number in an obscure way to give advantage to players who know the trick. One obscure way is using a different language to call out the number or using an object to represent a number. The referee should then use the appropriate language after a few seconds.

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